A MUSE- Mix of doodle, mural and modern art on waste plywood board

Art by Debjani Hazarika | Art and Craft | Painting
Art on plywood board by Debjani Hazarika

Here's an artwork inspired by a world full of music and colours. Rolling out my brushes to create something which tells the story of how people are influenced by art and music while going through lows & depressions amidst the lockdowns and coronavirus pandemic. In the last few days, I too got a chance to find my new self through art and music. I have used some waste plywood board and wall paints in to create this piece. I have named it A MUSE, after the nine goddesses & daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, who preside over the arts and sciences.

Materials used: Plywood board, plastic paint, acrylic paint, painting brushes.
Art by: Debjani Hazarika

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